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From idea to design

You can share us your idea of what your interior should be. Interior can be something that you realy love, as it can be the reflex of its owner. Floor as a part of interiour may include elements which you like and love. Our designer can create really good floor projects on the base of your own favourite topics, subjects, colors, etc. Even memories and impressions can be put into the composition. Choose your own pictures, things, samples of design you like. Use our main catalogue of products, combine and create really remarkable and exclusive parquet you deserve. 

From design to project

On the next step your main designer or studio you chose (there can be our stuff designer too) create design-project of the floor. In the result of this stage of work you receive design-project which include full information about your parquet flooring according to sizes of your place. It can refer to only one room or to all placements in your accomodation’s plan.