1. The medallion is packed under certain conditions. The item to be used indoors with humidity 30-60%. It was produced in the same conditions and was packed to meet these conditions as closely as possible. So, try to save packing condition till the direct installation. If the room’s humidity condition is different then mentioned, then unpack and leave the medallion to lie down for several days in these conditions. This will allow it to gain the desired moisture. Otherwise, the medallion may bend when placed on the floor (installed).
  2. If you ordered a medallion with template, be attentive!! Template is made of plywood and consists of several parts which assembled in circle by connecting puzzle. Do not throw template in a garbage. As we had such situation when those who unpack thought it was protection constructions.

Before installation and applying finishing remove the ground filler coat from the top side. Need sand (slightly scuffed) with help of orbital sander like on picture right next to.

STEP 1. For scuffing may use 240 grit sand paper. Need to be slightly scuffed (very care) to achieve flat uniform matt effect all surface allong. But scuff NOT till to clear wood – very light level of ground filler should stay on the surface and in pores. This prevents moisturing and deforamtion.

STEP 2. Apply finishing layer. Polyurethane is ok. Gloss or semi-gloss on your choice.

For information purposes you can use this web-link or any other source on internet.


Processing time (production) is about 2 weeks. Then shipping by DHL Express 8 – 13 days. After the item picked up by our forwarder you will receive DHL tracking number on instant. In general the whole process will take about 4 weeks. 

Delivery by DHL Express is free of charge. We deliver to the USA, Canada, UK, Europe.