is a manufacturer of parquet flooring and furnishings made of fine woods and exotic species of wood. We produce and offer durable products for unique interiour designs. We have passion and ability to provide you with the best finishing materials for floors, walls, ceilings and furnitures. We supply to stuff design projects for commercial and living real estate all over the world.

Parquet flooring

We have being producing parquet flooring since 2004. Our major activities are production and sales of the artistic and palace parquet. We specialize in such products:

  • wood floor medallions
  • decorative borders
  • parquet flooring (blocks)

AtwoodGoods’ products are made of fine woods. Also we create products with the use of exotic wood species. You can chose parquet flooring elements separately or place order for the whole parquet floor design project.

AtwoodGoods wood floor medallion
Compass rose medallion

Watch our main categories of palace artistic parquet flooring:

Wood medallions
Parquet flooring
Decorative borders
wood wall panel

Watch our furnishings categories:

Wall panels
Wood table tops


Our experience in work with hardwoods allows us to create different types of covers for furnishing: wood table tops, wall panels, wooden ceilings, decorative borders for furniture, etc.

Wood wall panel


Working with AtwoodGoods you get products from manufacturer directly. This gives you such advantages:

  • Full and exact information about products
  • Reasonable price
  • Saved time required to make changes and project approving
  • Exclude of mistakes because of mediators
AtwoodGoods production
Manufacturing AtwoodGoods

Watch the AtwoodGoods manufacturing