Experience and expertise

Expertise and professionalty comes with experience. Some members of our team have more then twenty years of experience in field of parquet manufacturing. They got their knowledge and skills from the previous generation of experts. This is the way of parquet tradition. It is a part of “parquet philosophy” as they say in Italy.

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Total cycle

AtwoodGoods manufacturing includes all the stages of production cycle starting from drying of wood to finished products packing. The quality assurance process begins on phase of searching and purchasing the best material. All purchased materials are being stored in special warehouse with appropriate microclimate, which is maintained 24/7


After the wood material being selected according to the project, it is being accurate processed for the next stage. On that stage future parquet take its shape with help of CNC machines or laser cutting. Such technologies are works of “technical” art by themselves. Like fine tuned Stradivari violin or Bertolotti viola these machines can create incredibly complicated and beautiful art works.

AtwoodGoods Craftsmanship


All different pieces are being assembled manually in one composition. Such process needs special qualities including attention and ability to focus on details. Since it was quality and precision of separate details lay in quality of the finished product. Our motto – Make good those details which are not seen at the first glance. 

Quality control

Our products go through the inspection on the every stage of production. But there is one important “reference point” – the placing and fitting all the parts in our workshop. This is guarantee that there will not be any difficulties with installing the products at your place.

Welcome to watch our daily routine in AtwoodGoods’ workshop!